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Sick of searching constantly for lost hair bands that break and stretch after a single use ?? Then look no further , we got you covered boo boo !!                                                                         Look fly and help the planet all at once with our single , collection & limited edition scrunchies . We Guarantee they will make your heart happy, treat your hair right and take you back to the 90’s. 

Our beautiful, stretchy scrunchies are Hand & machine manufactured with new materials and occasionally limited edition upcycled collections sourced from our Local op shops.
Buy purchasing one of our scrunchies you are helping support a small business in Australia & helping keeping our planet alive by using materials wasted or destined for land fill.
We are very passionate about Eco friendly Packaging so our scrunchies are packed using minimal & recyclable packaging.                                                                                          3 & 5 packs are randomly selected !! Attach a message on your order if you would like specific colours <3

Customised orders are welcome, simply contact us at - or send us a message on Instagram @jakhora_bodyandart . 

                             * Different sizes / puffiness may occur **

** all of our limited edition up cycled / recycled material is washed and sanitised before sale or use *